Wireless-B Notebook Adapter 5.158.1001.2003 Free download

Wireless-B Notebook Adapter 5.158.1001.2003

  • Publisher:Linksys
  • Version:5.158.1001.2003
  • Operation System:Windows
  • License:Free
  • File Size:15.26MB

Total Downloads:834

Wireless-B Notebook Adapter 5.158.1001.2003Description

Wireless-B Notebook Adapter:The Linksys Wireless-B Notebook Adapter lets your notebook communicate with the popular 802.11b wireless network standard.802.11b wireless networks are commonly found in corporate
environments, and are used in homes for household Internet connectivity without the need for running cables. They’re also popping up all over the country in coffee shops, airports, hotels, convention centers, and other public spaces offering “on-the-go” connectivity to mobile users.

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